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Long Live the 80s: Alf the Alien is Coming Back With his own Film
Do you remember Alf the alien? Well good news ladies, he's about to hit the big screen!

Those of us who are slightly more “retro” than others (cough, old, cough) will remember the hilariously loveable 80s/90s television programme Alf. Yes, the comedy about the alien who comes to live with the Tanner family after he crashes his spaceship in their garage. Remember?

Well, if you do remember Alf the alien, chances are you will literally squeal with excitement when we tell you the following news: ladies, Alf is getting his own film! Hell-to-the-yes!

The Irish Sun reports that Sony Pictures has official secured a deal to turn the popular sitcom of the 80s and 90s into a blockbuster movie. Alf on the big screen – we imagine that will bring back a lot of memories for a lot of “retro” people out there.

The smash-hit comedy Alf ran from 1986 until 1990 for 102 episodes. It centred on the very sarcastic, but adorable alien Alf – short for alien life form – and all the hijinx he got up to while he was living with the very normal Tanner family.

Do you want even more good news? Well Paul Fusco, the puppeteer who voiced Alf throughout the sitcom, has said that he is more than happy to sign up to the film and lend his voice to the alien once again.

Mr Fusco has already predicted that the film will be a huge hit and has said that “the timing is right” for Alf to be introduced to a new generation.


We’ll admit it, we’re already crazy excited about this news! Will you be going to see it? To celebrate here is the much loved Alf theme song. Enjoy ladies, enjoy...