Longitude Love: Ten Days On The Search Is Still On #FindCollyHisPolly 5 years ago

Longitude Love: Ten Days On The Search Is Still On #FindCollyHisPolly

A love story for the digital ages.

We all love the idea of two strangers meeting randomly somewhere, then going their separate ways before finding each other once more and living happily ever after.


Well that’s exactly what one Westmeath lad is hoping to achieve for his Monaghan friend this week as he wrote to us looking for help to find Colly’s Polly.


Picture the scene: it’s Saturday night at Longitude, the crowd are gearing up for Alt-J and two people catch each other’s eye through the crowd.

Okay, maybe not that corny, but still.

Instead, we’ll let Daryl, lovestruck Colin’s (Colly) friend, take over the story from here.

“On the Saturday morning of Longitude, we were recovering from the night before and we began to look through the various small tents away from the mainstage," Daryl explained.

colly 3


Colly on the right.

"On the way we got some recovery juice at the Desperado bar and they gave us some light-up rings and bracelets.

“As we continued on our adventure we went to see Daphni in the Heineken Stage, armed with our new glow in the dark toys and we started to have a bit of banter with two of the security women.

“Love was in the air and Colly - the gent that he is - got down on one knee to propose to one of them, when out of nowhere, this flash of blonde hair swooped in, took the ring and accepted his proposal."



“He chatted to his new love for a while, and everyone was having a great old time until the two groups split up… And we realized no numbers had been exchanged.

“Cue devastation and ever since, we have been searching for this lady, including on Twitter with the hashtag #FindCollyHisPolly.

“Let’s hope with a little help we can reunite the two,” he added, before sending us pictures of Monaghan man Colly to help jog the lady’s memory.


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Hat tip to Daryl Kenny for sending this our way.