This is the luckiest place in Ireland for lotto wins 5 years ago

This is the luckiest place in Ireland for lotto wins

Fancy becoming a millionaire?

You might be best off picking up a lotto ticket in Dublin.


It's the luckiest county in Ireland for lotto wins, according to the National Lottery.

An Post in the GPO in Dublin's city centre is the luckiest retailer in the country, having sold 14 jackpot and top winning tickets worth a total of €15,054,036.

Donegal and Cork are also good places to buy a ticket - O’Neills Newsagents in Brigend, Gifford has sold 12 jackpot winners and McKenna’s Texaco in Muff has sold nine, while Hickey’s of Skibbereen in Cork has sold nine.

Pearse O’Neill of O’Neills Newsagent in Bridgend told the Mirror that superstitious people come from all over to try and cash in on his shop's luck.


"We have people come into the shop from all over the country in the hope that they are our next big winners."

"We haven’t had a jackpot win for a while so we’re definitely due another big one very soon to cement our place on top of the list."