Mother's Facebook Rant About School's LGBT Week Backfires As Expected 5 years ago

Mother's Facebook Rant About School's LGBT Week Backfires As Expected

A London mother was not happy when her daughter came home from school wearing an LGBT badge promoting equality and acceptance of sexual differences.

She took to Facebook and launched a homophobic rant against King Solomon High School in Redbridge for attempting to "force this filth on children", but she did not get the reaction she hoped for. (Thankfully).


She wrote: ‘So my daughter came home from 6th form (college) today with this badge… Apparently all children from age 11+ were given one of these and told if they do not wear it they will have to sit detention after school.

"Are they mad! You cannot force this filth on children. It is not lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender week in my house. We will be serving the Lord as usual and NOT promoting sin so KS high school, you can keep your abomination badge."

Including a passage from the bible, she posted the status alongside an image of the badge with a red cross drawn over it.


While the post was shared 232 times and got 470 likes, people were quick to express their disgust at her mean-spirited rant.

One commenter wrote:

"If one child goes home from KS High School this week no longer considering taking their own life, job done.


"If one more child decides they have the courage to tell their parents about their confusion at their sexuality, job done."

Deputy headteacher of King Solomon, Sam Walters told The Metro: "We haven’t heard from the mother, but I have had parents writing to me to say how thankful they are and how their children have come home this week really interested in what they are learning.

"As a school, we have a duty to prepare our students for life in modern Britain."