This is how much sleep couples give up to have sex 3 weeks ago

This is how much sleep couples give up to have sex

Do you give up sleep to have sex?

If you're in a relationship, you might play a game of would you rather most nights. Would you rather a full night of sleep or to fool around with your other half for a while?

Sometimes, it can be a hard game to play and as it turns out, most couple choose to ride than catch a few z's.

A new survey has found that people in relationships give up a lot of time to fool around.

54.3 minutes on a typical day, to be exact. That adds up to 6 hours lost per week and one day lost each month to riding.

1,011 people were surveyed and of all the couples, they had sex 8.7 days per month. They slept for an average of 7.7 hours per night.

Meanwhile, single people slept 7.1 hours per night and had sex 6.2 days per month.

It looks like the more people had sex, the more satisfying their sleep was.

Mattress Advisor said: "Exchanging sleep for sex doesn’t necessarily mean missing out on rest each night. As respondents’ sleep satisfaction increased, so too did their sex frequency."