This is how much being a wedding guest will cost you in 2019 3 years ago

This is how much being a wedding guest will cost you in 2019

Ah, weddings.

As much as we love a wedding, they can be expensive. Along with buying an outfit to wear, purchasing a present, transport to the venue, possibly an overnight stay and then, well... alcohol, it can be a lot.


And then there's hen and stag parties...

According to the American Express annual study, it now costs around an average of €445 to go to a wedding.

The biggest cost was accommodation in case the wedding is away from home and you need to stay in a hotel or B&B. This costs an average of €82.

The next biggest expense is an outfit which can cost around €77 (but let's be honest, it could be more). A wedding present for the bride and groom was put in at €75 on average, and then adding in a hen do, it would add on an extra €66.


Next, we move onto transport which was added in at €65, drinks around €51 and hair and make up came in at €29.

Of course, there are numerous ways you can cut down on spending money. Instead of staying in a hotel, you can stay in a local B&B down the road.

You can obviously also rewear an old outfit to save you a few Euro, do your hair and make up yourself, and save on transport by carpooling with other people attending the wedding.