These neighbours embarrassed one man for shouting at his girlfriend 6 years ago

These neighbours embarrassed one man for shouting at his girlfriend

They sent him notes to tell him to cut it out.

When you hear your neighbours making a lot of noise or a couple having a particularly nasty row, it's hard to know what to do about it.


One neighbour decided to step in when they heard a man shouting at his girlfriend with a decent list of reasons as to why he should be sounder to his other half.

Posted to Imgur by l2ryan, one person intervened in telling the offending man to calm down in verbally abusing his other half and it's fast becoming viral.

The note, which the neighbour posted on the front door of the yelling boyfriend's house (so everyone in the neighbourhood could see) told the man to stop shouting at his girlfriend. The list included multiple reasons that read:

"To the guy on this floor who yells at his girlfriend:

  1. Everyone can hear you
  2. You sound like an asshole
  3. No one deserves to be talked to like that
  4. Stop it.

Thanks, a neighbour."


Other neighbours showed solidarity with the list-poster as one person wrote 'like' and 'like x 2' to show they agreed with the notice.

Another concerned neighbour sent a note to the girlfriend telling her she was better than being treated that way.


Let it be a reminder to us all that if you're concerned about a neighbour, step in and say something.