New Irish show is looking to reunite contestants with their first loves 1 year ago

New Irish show is looking to reunite contestants with their first loves

For anyone still thinking about "the one that got away".

Is there someone in your life that you sometimes find yourself daydreaming about?


A first love from back in the day, that for whatever reason, things just didn't work out?

Maybe you met at the wrong time, maybe you broke up for a silly reason, maybe one or both of you moved and lost touch, there are countless reasons why this first love didn't work out at the time, but it still plays on your mind even now.

Well, the folks at Virgin Media Ireland are looking to help put your mind to rest with their new show First Love, which is aiming to find contestants who wish to be reconnected with the one that got away.

So if you had a schoolyard crush, or would like to chat to your first boyfriend/girlfriend, First Love is looking to help and reunite you with your first love, no matter where in the world they might be.

As the show's producers put it themselves: "First Love story in our nationwide and worldwide mission to celebrate and potentially reunite long lost loves. We are looking for a range of men and women across all age groups, based in Ireland or connected with Ireland, to share with us their First Love stories and where possible to be open to reuniting on screen."

So if you're interested in applying, you've got until midnight on Friday 1 November to head the website here and fill out their application form.