This new Irish subscription box will make getting fit a lot more fun 6 years ago

This new Irish subscription box will make getting fit a lot more fun

Are you a devout gym-goer or just starting out on your fitness journey?

Either way; getting (or staying) fit and healthy is about to get a whole lot more fun.


Say hello to the New3Fit Box– Ireland's first health & fitness subscription box.

Launching only weeks ago, the New3Fit is the brainchild of Deborah O'Reilly, an emergency medical paramedic who, for the past ten years, has been a a competitive athlete, competing in boxing on an international level, as well as competing in various strength & conditioning events both in Ireland and abroad.

Following retirement from her amateur career, O'Reilly decided she wanted to help others learn more about nutrition, fitness and how to ensure their bodies perform to their best ability, and set up New3Fit for athletes and 'hobby exercisers' to be able to access tailored advanced sports performance nutritional programming – no matter where in the country they live.


"Like so many others, I initially began exercising for fat loss soon finding love for competitive sports rising to the top in boxing in Ireland & competing at international level," Deborah explains.

"Wish often that I had the knowledge I have now on sports nutrition when I first began my fitness journey, I now want to share both my experience and advance sports nutrition tailored programming with like-minded people to help them reach their maximum potential."

The idea behind New3Fit, she explains, is to be able to create nutrition plans for individuals from elite level competitors to beginner exercisers starting their fitness journey.

"All our advice and programming comes from highly-qualified advance sports nutritional experts with backgrounds in elite level sports along with our own access to a team of advisors we feel we need to ask more. Nutrition is constantly evolving we want you to benefit the most.

"We use only evidence based proven scientific research along with mathematic fine tuning to ensure you are adequately fed and fuelled for your training and everyday life."


There is no “universal” diet plan that is right for absolutely everyone according to O'Reilly, which is why her goal is to help customers find an approach to nutrition that work for them individually – to achieve whatever fitness and performance goals they might have.

With the New3Fit Box, you will recieve a monthly gift box if full-sized (no sample sizes!) items, from gym clothes to nutrition supplements, not to mention loads of goodies to use and eat along the way, the perfect way to experience new products.

"Our New3Fit box is unique," Deborah explains. "You will never find what's in the box under one roof as products are carefully selected supporiting leading irish health fitness and nutrition businesses with opportunities to be the first to try new products before they launch anywhere else.

"Oh, and they are the perfect gift too!"


And as for value for money – last month's box was worth over €85, so you are getting way more than you pay for, basically.

A one off box is €39.99, or 3-month subscription is €35.99 per box. The July box is available to order now.