Night-Time Toilet Trips Are About To Get Piss Easy 6 years ago

Night-Time Toilet Trips Are About To Get Piss Easy

We're not taking the piss.

It’s exceedingly difficult to get out of your warm bed in the dead of night and step out, put your bare feet on the cold hard floor and then try to manoeuvre yourself half-asleep to the bathroom. Not only that but then you have to make sure to not disturb anyone on your way, in the pitch dark. #FirstWorldProblem


While we cannot train our bodies to stay asleep when nature calls, we can make that tough trip to the toilet in the wee hours a little easier, by the way of the ‘Illumibowl’.

The Illumibowl is a nightlight that attaches to your toilet seat. Yes, really.

Its motion activators and light sensors ensure that it only lights up when a person walks into the bathroom. To add to the genius of the Illumibowl, it comes in 9 colours so feeling pretty while you pee is guaranteed.


The Illumibowl is available to buy from for €25.00 and we’re sure it will save relationships, friendships and stubbed toes everywhere. Revolutionary.

Video via YouTube/IllumiBowl