Nine-Year-Old Helps Save Her Father From Burning Building 9 years ago

Nine-Year-Old Helps Save Her Father From Burning Building

Last Thursday morning, Galaxy Kong woke up to find her home in Hayward, San Francisco covered with smoke.

The little girl had received fire training at school and acted quickly, waking up her father. Thinking of what she had learned in school, Galaxy told her father to open the window.


Hayward Fire Captain, Don Nichelson said she then remembered another crucial tip: “She paid attention when we do fire safety training at schools,” he said. “She put a towel under the door — it blocks the smoke from under the door".

Galaxy and her father escaped out through a window on the second floor with a nearby construction company helping them to safety.

Speaking afterwards, the nine-year-old said that in addition to training at school, she learned about fire safety through reading and watching films.

The fire was put out twenty minutes after it was reported, according to CBS San Francisco. There were no injuries and authorities believe the blaze started in the kitchen.