November-born babies are super-special – for more than one reason 1 year ago

November-born babies are super-special – for more than one reason

If you are due to give birth this month, mum, you might be happy to know that, scientifically speaking, November is pretty much the best month to have a baby.

Why, you say? What sets November apart from all the other 11 months of the calendar year?


Well, when it comes to giving birth, a whole lot, in fact.

According to some of these studies, being born in November is a pretty great thing. Just take a look:

1. November babies do better in sports

According to this study, children born around this time a year perform up to 10 percent better in athletic skill tests than their peers.

2. November kids get more sleep

Yup, praise yourself lucky, mama. Because this study showed that November babies are less likely to keep you up all night.

3. November kids have a lower risk of developing immune diseases


Health-wise, it is all sorts of great to be born this month, according to this study. Researchers think this might have something to do with vitamin D levels in pregnancy, as kids born in November have benefited from gestational summer sunlight.

4. November kids are less likely to be depressed

According to this study, children born in November are significantly less likely to experience depression than kids born in other months.

5. November kids live longer

Happy 100th birthday! As it turns out, this study claims that kids born this time of year are more likely to see their 100th birthday than those born in other months.