One of these women is the mother of the other two and we can't deal 5 years ago

One of these women is the mother of the other two and we can't deal

We all like to think our mams look great for their age.

Well, some of us do.


Regardless of whether or not it's the truth, we'll always tell them that they do because we love them and we want what's best in the world for them.

It's probably not unfair to say though, that your mam (probably) doesn't look this good for her age.

Actually, nobody looks this good for their age. Just in general.

Kienya Booker is the mum of two in the photo above and we bet you absolutely cannot figure out which one she is.


We'll give you a clue - she's 40.

That's probably made things harder, hasn't it? We'll just tell you because there's definitely no figuring this one out.

Kienya is the woman in the centre of the photo.

Here she is.


Here she is again.

Aaaand, here she is again.


Kienya's two daughters, K'Lienya, who is 18-years-old, and Kolieya, who is 16-years-old are the gals alongside her in the photo... even though they could absolutely be mistaken for sisters.


This isn't just a fluke either.

Kienya also shared a throwback pic to when her daughters were a lot younger and she still looks incredible.

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Good genes, we guess.