Pass The Ice Cream: Six Foods That Help To Alleviate PMS 7 years ago

Pass The Ice Cream: Six Foods That Help To Alleviate PMS

Bloating, headaches, irritability. These are just some of the fun side effects that come with getting our periods. 

It only takes one of these little gems to ruin our entire day, and sometimes we get to enjoy all three simultaneously.



A great way to battle these issues and alleviate some of the misery is to stock up on some special snacks.

Here are six foods to keep in your cupboard during that time of the month...

1. Chocolatey comfort



Let's start with the good stuff. Some say that this is total BS, but when it comes to PMS, we're willing to try anything. We do know that chocolate contains mood-boosting antioxidants, and that's good enough for us. Pass us the Dairy Milk.

2. Pop on some pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds


Headaches are just one of the many fun side effects of PMS. Magnesium is a great source of relief, and pumpkin seeds are a fantastic source of the nutrient. Bake them, pop them into your stir fry or on top of your porridge to help rid yourself of migraines.

3. All of the dairy

Crate of vintage milk bottles with red and white striped drinking straws in rustic setting

Calcium is said to help relieve cramps which is why consuming milk, yoghurt and other dairy products (eg. Ben and Jerrys) is a good idea.


4. Tuck into chicken and leafy greens


When you get your period, your iron levels take a dip, which means it's important to restock with iron-rich foods. Lean chicken, beans and leafy green vegetables will do just the trick.

5. Make egg-cellent choices



Suffer from PMS cravings? (Who doesn't?) The best way to fight your cravings is to stay ahead of your appetite. When it's that time of the month, there's no better way to start your day than with an egg or two. Not only will they keep you feeling fuller for longer, they're also a fantastic source of protein and important vitamins, including Vitamin D, B6 and E.

6. Don't forget Krill Oil

Krill oil is said to help reduce the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS naturally. Krill oil brings the goodness of omega 3 fatty acids which helps lift our mood and aid concentration.

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