People are not impressed with Sainsbury's 'sexist' kids T-shirts 5 years ago

People are not impressed with Sainsbury's 'sexist' kids T-shirts

When will clothes shops learn?

Sainsbury's has come under fire for promoting sexist gender stereotypes among children.


The T-shirts in boy and girl variations have very different message on them.

The girls' T-shirts say ''Little and loved'' while the boys' T-shirts say ''Brave and strong''.

Of course, both messages are perfectly acceptable, but when one is labelled specifically for girls and the other specifically for boys, people tend to call out the stereotyping involved.

Twitter user Henry Mance brought attention to the issue when he shared the image above, and many people added their frustration.


No matter how much outcry, campaigns and demand from the public, clothing stores seem to carry on creating specific labels for both boys and girls on their clothing.

Only a few months ago, GAP were under fire for the same issue, when their latest campaign saw them branding boys as 'little Einstein's'' and girl's as 'social butterflies''.


The offence caused in these instances seem to be that the girls are often portrayed as fun loving, and precious and boys are usually portrayed at strong and intelligent. People are a combination of all these things and that is not decided based on their gender, so many people now feel that these types of labels on clothes do not properly reflect children today.