People are swooning over this elderly couple's dedication to matching outfits 6 years ago

People are swooning over this elderly couple's dedication to matching outfits

Talk about relationship GOALS...

When you're a single gal sometimes it can be a bit lonely to see couples doing whatever couples do, holding hands or kissing or *bleugh* WHATEVER.


However, going to the cinema or wanting to go for dinner when there are no mates around can be a serious bummer, and seeing elderly couples still so in love after numerous years is extremely endearing.

Stylish couples of the world may want to sit up and take note as an elderly couple in the U.S. have their style game on par with Kim and Kanye.

According to CNN, Fran and Ed Garguila, grandparents to Anthony Gargiula, have been married for 52 years and began matching up their outfits when they went square dancing and never changed since.

Anthony told of how his grandparents notify him of their sartorial choices... DAILY.


"I wake up to text messages saying, 'Good morning! We hope you have a good day!' — along with the "outfit of the day."

"It's the cutest thing ever."





The couple are so in love, they renewed their vows two years ago and even wore matching clothes on their special day.

Anthony shared the pair's latest collection of outfits to Twitter but didn't anticipate the viral response he got.



Following the global adoration the couple received online, Anthony FaceTimed the pair to let them know they were a viral sensation...

And surely enough, they were wearing matching red t-shirts.