People are turning their LADDERS into Christmas trees and we love 5 years ago

People are turning their LADDERS into Christmas trees and we love

Festive AND creative.

If there's one thing we love more than trees it's ladders.


Well, not really, but they're alright like.

And when you think about it, the step assisters aren't actually all that different to our grow-from-the-ground friends.

They've got wood, they're tall, and you can climb them.

Might as well be the same thing, to be honest.


The magic has begun!!! #christmas #vintage #elves #ladderchristmastree #shiftyourlife

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That's why the fact that people are now turning their ladders into Christmas trees for the holidays isn't really all that surprising, really.

It's the next best thing.


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Sick of tree trimmings scattering all over your floor every year?

Get a ladder.


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Don't want to put up with all the hassle of finding the 'perfect' tree (that doesn't exist)?

Get a ladder.


Usually struggle to set the star atop the tree due to your height?

Get a ladder.

Multi-purpose, multi-functional, and now, multi-coloured.

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This trend of ladders for Christmas trees first began a few years ago and has been a keen favourite across Pinterest and Instagram.

It's made a come back this year again too and we can see why.

You can't get more hipster than that really.

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