We have the perfect list of things to do at home to share with your Mum 3 years ago

We have the perfect list of things to do at home to share with your Mum

We're all worried.

The current health crisis we're facing in this country is unprecedented. Over the weekend it was announced that all pubs and clubs will be closed for the foreseeable and the confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus here in Ireland is continuing to rise. We've been implored to seek information solely from the World Health Organisation and to try and ignore the (often fake) news swirling around on social media.



For a lot of us we're also facing the harsh reality of not seeing our parents and grandparents due to social distancing and self isolation. It's 100% the right move to make, but it's tough. These are the people who cared for us and in times of need it feels alien to not be by their side.


In saying that, there are things we can do to reassure them from afar. A friend of mine devised a list of things for her Mum to do at home. Even if you, or your loved one, gets to one or two things on this list in a day it's sure to help.

Not to quote High School Musical directly, but we are IN FACT all in this together so feel free to screen shot the below list and send it on:

  • Try to do Yoga everyday, even follow a 15 minute video on YouTube
  • See if there are any online classes that interest you
  • When the sun is shining, sit in the garden or head out for a walk with a podcast
  • Bake or cook something you've always wanted to but never had time to (and send lovely pics to the family WhatsApp)
  • Try a YouTube home workout
  • Shop online. If it makes you happy, go for it!
  • Plan a movie to watch and make popcorn and snacks for it in advance
  • Organise and wash clothes
  • Paint pictures
  • Make freezer meals
  • Create a Pinterest account of things that inspire you
  • Rediscover your favourite bands/artists (music isn't cancelled)
  • Do a face mask/foot bath (TREAT YOURSELF)