This Is The Person Most Irish People Go To Advice For 6 years ago

This Is The Person Most Irish People Go To Advice For

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When the going gets tough, there's only one woman to call.


That's right, the constant stream of Mam advice that wrecked your head growing up suddenly become words to live by when you hit your 20's.

According to a new survey by belVita Breakfast 75 per cent of Irish females and 49 per cent of Irish male adults turn to their Mammies for advice on a variety of topics.


44 per cent of us rely on our Mams for cooking tips, with 48 per cent of Irish males calling up their Mam when they're in a pickle in the kitchen.


Cleaning tips are the second most common advice sought from Irish mothers at 22 per cent (25 per cent of males and 21 per cent of females).

The research also found that 28 per cent of Irish adults admit to secretly watching TV shows, but pretend not to do so when around friends.

We are a shady, shady bunch.



Confirming our suspicions, nearly one in four men (23 per cent) admit to secretly watching TV soaps or talent shows and hiding it from friends and colleagues.

Finally, the belVita survey found that 34 per cent of Irish adults tend to skip their breakfast during the week while 10 per cent would never eat breakfast.

Lessons learned; keep asking your Mam for advice, don't worry about making your other half sit through Made In Chelsea, and start eating breakfast!

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