A pet owner is looking for this discontinued Lidl toy to help her dog's anxiety 1 year ago

A pet owner is looking for this discontinued Lidl toy to help her dog's anxiety

"I await your reply with great hope..."

Paula Feaheny, the proud mother to three-year-old, Karl, a divine Doberman with a long list of medical conditions, reached out to Lidl this week with an unusual request that's making our hearts swell.

Writing on Facebook, the Galway native told Lidl how her dog suffers from separation anxiety, one of many health issues for poor Karl, Paula continued by explaining that although not tough for the poor pup, there was one Lidl product which actually made him feel more at ease and that was a toy from their "Goodness Gang" range called "Banana Ben".

Paula Feaheny/Facebook

"Every night he would fall asleep while suckling on "Ben" and I began to notice that he was much less anxious with the Banana toy around," she wrote on Facebook. Continuing, Paula explained that the reason for her message is because the toy was only on sale for a limited period and so, she was only able to get her hands on three and now, the final Banana Ben is becoming to get tatty, with his arms and legs being re-stiched multiple times.

Now, in the hopes of making sure Karl doesn't go without his calming companion, his human asked Lidl if by any chance there was some still in the brand's warehouse which she could purchase.

"I am hoping that somewhere, in a warehouse or store, you may have one or more spare Ben Bananas hanging around. If you do, please let me know what they cost and I'll be more than willing to purchase them," she continued.

And although Lidl wasn't able to help, others saw her request and she has now been inundated with comments from people who are willing to send her their Banana Ben for Karl.

The toy in question. Lidl's Banana Ben.

"Let's all join the Bananas for Karl movement," one wrote while another added some fantastic news.

"Was just reading this with my daughter, she has a Ben Banana and would happily gift it to Karl your Banana boy."

Others joined noting they too had Banana Bens needing a good home...

"Our 4 year old Little lady has one here too and is going to give it to Karl!"

"Ben Banana is in our house. Will post it on."

And the comments continue with generous users giving Karl the greatest gift this Christmas.

If you too have a Banana Ben you'd like to donate to Karl, you can do so by dropping Paula a message here.

A story that has certainly warmed our hearts today.