The Philippines are killing the proof of delivery photoshoot game 9 months ago

The Philippines are killing the proof of delivery photoshoot game

Proof of delivery photoshoots could be the next major meme of 2021 and we're all for it.

People working in the logistics sector and as delivery drivers - whether it be with your post or your Saturday night takeaway - have played an essential role in the past year or so. With businesses closed and social distancing guidelines in place, 'no-contact delivery' has been crucial in getting things to people safely. So, from all of us, we thank you.


As for those of us receiving deliveries, our contribution isn't so valuable (hopefully, we've all been tipping generously, at least). It's more just a case of grabbing it and saying thank you - or so you'd think...

Over in the Philippines, an online trend has kicked-off that basically sees people sharing their proof of delivery photos. Rather than reduce this to a simple interaction, people are turning these exchanges into full-blown proof of delivery photoshoots. Genius.

Funny proof of delivery photoshoots @ourasianspage Facebook

@ourasianspage shared some of the most popular and funniest to date. You've got people doing classics like the peace sign, the 'resting chin on inexplicable gun fingers' pose, to over the shoulder booty shots and, well, this legend:

Funny proof of delivery photo @ourasianspage Facebook

We're not just talking a few kooky characters here: some people have gone next-level with this shit. Have a look at these profile-pic-material photos that some extremely enthusiastic recipients took. There's quick putting a face on to run downstairs to the postman, and then there's this:

To all these funny people, we say, well done; and to all of you: do it - we dare you. Life's too short and we've all massively missed out on some serious fun during lockdown. We say put your inhibitions aside, rock the bed-head, don the socks, slippers, dressing gown combo and get involved.

Have a laugh and a joke, you can do that anywhere and it never gets old.