This phone cover is an engagement ring box that records proposal reactions 10 months ago

This phone cover is an engagement ring box that records proposal reactions

Yes, you did read that correctly.

If there's one thing that we didn't think we'd ever need in our lives, it's a phone cover that's also an engagement ring box that also records the person's reaction when you propose to them.

And you know what? We're still fairly certain that we don't need it at all.

Here's a short clip of the contraption in action just in case you can't get your head around how it actually works.


There it is. Popping out the ring and recording her reaction as she squeals in delight.



The product in question is called a 'Rokshok' and, according to the company's website, they aim to make your engagement "unforgettable" with just three easy steps.

First, stick the Rokshok case on your phone.

Second, open your phone's camera and get that thing recording.

Third, propose.

That's it really.

The Rokshok website also suggests "immediately" uploading your proposal video to social media so, you know, that's an option.

According to the company, 57 percent of women share a photo of their engagement ring to social media, so really, this product is simply taking out the middleman and doing it all for you in one quick and easy motion.

If you want to be recorded while you're being proposed to, that is.

How unfortunate for us though that the Rokshok is not yet available to buy.

It'll be dropping on June 1, 2018, but until then, people can pre-order the product for a cool $39.95.

So what are you waiting for?

It's only six months away.