PIC: The New €20 Note Has Been Unveiled 5 years ago

PIC: The New €20 Note Has Been Unveiled

The twenties you have in your wallet right now are SO over.

Brand spanking new twenty-euro notes have been unveiled and will enter circulation across the Euro Zone tomorrow, Wednesday (25th November).


The new note boasts the latest in banking technology, meaning it will be even harder to forge.

The three major changes are as follows:

  • Tactile ink that you can feel in lines on the left and right hand sides of the note.
  • When held up to the light, a hologram of Greek mythology figure Europa can be seen.
  • The emerald green number 20 will shine when moved up and down.

You'll get your hands on the new note when you withdraw from the ATM, and the old notes will gradually be phased out as they get worn down.

Take a closer look at the new note here.



Video via YouTube/DeNederlandscheBank