PIC - This 12 year-old wrote a lovely letter to Down Syndrome Ireland 3 years ago

PIC - This 12 year-old wrote a lovely letter to Down Syndrome Ireland

Well, this is lovely.

When I made my Confirmation I spent all my money on a Gameboy Advance SP (no regrets), but this young girl Leah did something far kinder with the windfall from the occasion.

She wrote a brilliant letter to Down Syndrome Ireland, and also included a kind donation.

How sound is she?


The letter reads:

Hello. I would like to say that I think your charity is amazing! My name is Leah and I am 12-years-old. It was my Confirmation recently and I wanted to give some of my money to Down Syndrome Ireland. The reason is in my school we do shared reading and there is a little boy called James who I was partnered with. He is an amazing little guy and he loves to hear the Mr. Men stories. He is a little messer sometimes and he jokes and has a laugh with us. He is 5 and in Junior Infants. I thought instead of giving money to other charities, I decided on this one because of Little James. I think what all of you do is brilliant. So on behalf of me and James, THANK YOU! From, Leah.

Such a great thing to do.

Grey was very touched by Leah's good deed, and wanted her to get a bit of recognition.

"All of us in Down Syndrome Ireland would like to thank Leah for her donation and for brightening our week with her heart-warming words."

Fair play to her.

Thanks to Cathy Grey of Down Syndrome Ireland for getting in touch with us.