PICTURE: Waterford Has Gained a Very Special New Resident Surfer 6 years ago

PICTURE: Waterford Has Gained a Very Special New Resident Surfer

When you think of Ireland's finest surf spots, many people would immediately picture those seaside towns that melt into the Atlantic sea - Bundoran, Strandhill, Lahinch and the likes. 

But Ireland's east coast has plenty to offer on that front too, not least along the gorgeous Copper Coast of Waterford.


One of the newest resident surfers in the Dungarvan, however, has opted for the river instead of the sea.

This is the Surfing Seal. According to Her.ie reader Nicola Dee, this cute creature is the local celebrity of the moment in the coastal town, and has been seen hanging out on a surf board on the Colligan river for the last week or so.

Nicola tells us that for the last number of years seals have been spotted on the Colligan river at the same spot and around the same time each year.


Earlier this morning, Nicola snapped another picture of the seal, this time with a friend on board. No one seems to know where the board originally came from, but it certainly appears that the old "finders, keepers" rule applies.




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