Pinterest are introducing a new search feature that is a game changer for beauty fans 3 years ago

Pinterest are introducing a new search feature that is a game changer for beauty fans


Around 70 per cent of Pinterest users go onto the website to find (and save) new looks and styles to try.


That's according to Pinterest themselves, anyways.

But they decided to make it a bit easier for any beauty fans coming to the website to find exactly what it is they are looking for.

According to Engadget, the OG source of all things #inspo is rolling out a new feature which will enable users to filter hair and beauty search results by skin tone ranges.

The publication reports that when you've searched for beauty terms where skin tone may be relevant, the experimental feature brings up four icons, each representing different skin tones, on the left-hand corner of the search results. 

The idea to diversify the search results reportedly first came about when Pinterest's first head of diversity and inclusion, Candice Morgan, was looking for hairstyle inspiration one day.

According to Wiredthe platform continued to learn from her saved pins and began to show some recommendations - most of which didn't actually suit 4c, or tightly coiled, curls.

Pinterest ended up partnering with ModiFace, the augmented reality beauty app maker owned by L'Oreal, to create an algorithm that would be able to accurately detect the skin colour of people in images.


From there the team used ModiFace's third-party Face AI library, feeding it more and more examples until there was no more confusion between highlights and shadows.

It doesn't appear to be available in Ireland just yet, as it's still in the testing period.

But we reckon this would be a game changer if it was introduced worldwide.