There's going to be an Irish Pokémon Go pub crawl later this month 4 years ago

There's going to be an Irish Pokémon Go pub crawl later this month

There is a Pokémon Go pub crawl happening in Dublin.

Yes, you read that right.

Nostalgia for all things '00s seems to be mainstream at the moment, and Pokémon is at the heart of that cultural trend right now.

Well, some enterprising folks with Pokemon Go Ireland (yes, this is a real thing) have decided to dedicate an entire night to the endless pursuit of catching them all.

True to Irish form, this event will take the form of a pub crawl.

The organisers have this to say: “Come join us for Ireland’s first ever Pokémon Go pub crawl and largest ever Irish gathering. We will be crawling Poképubs in Dublin’s City Centre. The Poképubs are currently mystery locations, we will announce them prior to the event”

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The organisers are reeling people in with the promise of dropping lures at each different pub, so there will be a lot of Pokemon there for the taking.

“We will also be awarding Pokécoins for the best Pokésnap caption from the night. Post them to our facebook page with #COYPG (Come On You Pokémon Go) to enter. Don’t forget to wear your team colours with pride!”

The event is due to take place on July 30, and currently has almost 3,000 interested poke-fanatics. Keep up to date with the latest news on the event by clicking onto the event page here.

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