These were the most popular baby names way back in 1904 1 year ago

These were the most popular baby names way back in 1904

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The most popular baby names are changing all the time. With new trends, celebrities, and the good old passing of time comes new names that people are just dying to call their kids.

We've previously told you about the strangest popular baby names of the year, and the poshest things that parents decided to call their children.

Now, we bring you what mums and dads were naming their babas back in 1904.

And over 100 years later, the difference in trends is certainly noticeable.

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In 1904, the top five most popular boy's names were:


1. William

2. John

3. George

4. Thomas

5. Arthur


And the top five most popular girl's names were:

1. Mary

2. Florence

3. Doris


4. Edith

5. Dorothy

Just a teeny bit different to today...

According to website British Baby Names, these old school names just are not as popular as they used to be.


And, to be honest, we're not surprised.

For the boys, William is still popular enough, only having dropped seven spots down the list by 2009.

However, the likes of John and Arthur haven't really stood the test of time, having dropped almost 90 places on the baby names list each.

Girls names have changed even more drastically, with the 1904 number one Mary dropping over 200 spots.

Surprisingly, Florence managed to stay within the top 100, but Doris dropped a staggering 2235 places.