The most popular Irish baby girl name has been revealed – and it's a fab choice 1 year ago

The most popular Irish baby girl name has been revealed – and it's a fab choice

Is your baby girl arriving any day now?

If so, you might have already started to ponder which name to give her once she is earth-side.


Last week, the CSO released their data on baby names given to all children born in Ireland in 2019. And while the most popular choices for parents still remained Jack and Emily (what, really?!) once Irish girl's name has soared up on the list and overtaken all others to reach the top – as in most popular choice for parents wanting an Irish moniker for their little baby girl.

Say hello to Fiadh, the beautiful moniker that has now surpassed both Saoirse and Aoife in the popularity stakes.

In fact, so popular has the name Fiadh become, that it is now the third most popular girl's name overall in the country – after Emily and Grace.

What is really interesting, is that the name, according to The Journal, did not even register on any database at all in the 20th century, yet is now hailed as a name we'll be hearing lots more of in years to come.

The meaning behind the name

According to Nameberry, the name Fiadh is commonly thought to mean ‘wild’.

A real nature-inspired name, Fiadh is also closely associated with deer, – with the Irish word for deer being fia.


Historians and name experts also believe it could be associated with the Irish Fulacht Fiadh, which are ancient cooking mounds, still found in various locations throughout the country.