Pursuing Your Passion? You Could Win A New Taxed And Insured Nissan For a Year! 7 years ago

Pursuing Your Passion? You Could Win A New Taxed And Insured Nissan For a Year!

Are you ambitious? Got big plans for the future? Does everyone around you keep telling you you're going places?

If you're answering yes to any of these questions, you should be thinking about entering the Nissan Generation Next ambassador programme.


The innovative scheme aims to help Ireland's best and brightest young people achieve their goals by giving them the means to drive there. We see what Nissan have done there. And we like it.

Ten talented individuals who successfully demonstrate their drive to succeed will be given a brand new, taxed and insured Nissan to drive for a year as part of the ambassador programme. To put yourself forward, apply here.

What happens after you apply?

A shortlist of 20 candidates will be announced and put forward to a four week voting period. The seven people with the highest number of votes will win a place on the Nissan Generation Next Programme. The judges at Nissan will also select three applicants whom they believe are deserving of a place on the programme.


Nissan Generation Next Ambassador

The Nissan Generation Next Class of 2014 has achieved incredible success over the past year. Ambassadors included Gerard Barrett (27), writer and director of acclaimed film 'Grassland' starring Jack Reynor and Toni Colette; Munster Hurler of the Year, Seadna Morley (21); and Emma Cahill (25), who's set on qualifying for the 2016 Paralympics three years after bring told she would never walk again after a serious injury.

You can check out some of these inspiring stories here, here and here.

The closing date for applications is Tuesday May 19th 2015. Good luck!