Remembering Kurt Cobain And Five Of His Finest Live Performances 5 years ago

Remembering Kurt Cobain And Five Of His Finest Live Performances

Today, April 5th marks the 22nd anniversary of the death of legendary frontman Kurt Cobain.

A janitor from Washington, Cobain’s words and music changed the industry in the earlier 90s.


Along with the influential band, Nirvana, Cobain left behind a phenomenal legacy that has made him one of the biggest musical icons in the last 50 years.

We can only imagine the genius that he had left to bestow upon music lovers across the world.

Paying tribute to Cobain we take a look back at our five favourite live performances from Nirvana available online.

Smells Like Teen Spirit
This video is particularly noteworthy because it is the first known version of the hit that would catapult the band into an entirely different league of success.  With slightly different lyrics, and that famous Cobain solo almost perfected, little did the crowd at Seattle's OK Hotel in April of '91 know, that they were witnessing a moment that would make history for the group.

Come As You Are

This is arguably the greatest footage of a Nirvana gig available online. The video was shot at the UK's Reading Festival in 1992, marking their biggest setlist to date and also the last time the band would perform live on British soil.

The Man Who Sold The World

David Bowie's early 70s hit was given the Nirvana treatment in '93 and has remained the greatest cover of the song to date. This MTV Unplugged version dates back to November 18th of that year. This live set is probably the most recognised and acclaimed performances from Nirvana, as the band stripped its heavy electric sound, giving rare acoustic renditions of their famous tracks.


This gig at La Zenith in Paris is argued amongst Nirvana fanatics as the group's best performance from their final tour. This footage was captured on Valentine's Day, just months before Cobain's death. The song is often associated with bipolar disorder, something Cobain is said to have had. However in the Nevermind press package, the frontman explains the lyrics:  “People who are secluded for so long go insane, and as a last resort they often use religion to keep alive. In the song, the guy’s lost his girl and his friends and he’s brooding. He’s decided to find God before he kills himself. It’s hard for me to understand the need for a vice like that, but I can appreciate it too. People need vices”.


Where'd You Sleep Last Night

Nirvana released and covered many well-known tracks in their seven-year run together. This exceptional acoustic interpretation of Lead Belly's old American folk song, again for MTV Unplugged in 1993, earned Cobain critical acclaim. The track is also featured in the band's 2002 'Best Of' compilation album.