Remember Those PMS Care Packages? Well An Irish Company Is Doing Them And They're FULL Of Treats 7 years ago

Remember Those PMS Care Packages? Well An Irish Company Is Doing Them And They're FULL Of Treats

Ah now. Now we're even more excited. 

Earlier this week, we almost lost the run of ourselves when we heard that two 19-year-old lads in the States had created a PMS care package that delivers to your door.


Our week has just got a whole lot better now though as it has been revealed that there’s an Irish company doing the job for all us Irish ladies out there.

In fact, 26-year-old Maryrose Simpson has been taken care of the female population of Ireland during that time of the month since July of this year with MyLadyBug, so we caught up with her to hear all about it.

“The idea was originally born out of the frustration of never being prepared when my period arrived," she explained.


“We've all been there. Our period arrives and there’s not a pad or tampon anywhere to hand. Cue you having to run out to the shops in a mad dash, promising you’ll never let yourself run out again… until it somehow happens again next month.

“I thought that there had to be a better way, and so I came up with the concept of a monthly subscription box."

“I found myself searching online for the solution, as surely someone had thought of the idea before me - but no service existed in Ireland.


“I knew there were other women experiencing the same issues and decided to build my own start-up based off the concept.

“Basically, MyLadyBug is a monthly subscription box that delivers women their period products. Whether you prefer tampons or pads (or both!), you can pick n’ mix brands of your choice and more importantly, get the sweets and treats that make it all a little easier to deal with - which change from month to month.

“Each customer can fully customise their monthly parcel with up a maximum of 12-16 items each month, including any combination of tampons, and pads." lady bug

“In addition to the tampon or pads you have chosen, you will receive surprise sweets and treats each month such as Galaxy chocolate and herbal tea.  We also have teamed up with Cleanmarine Krill Oil who offer samples to all our new customers.


“Since launching the response has been so positive, women love the idea. It’s been so refreshing to see women tagging our care packages on social media, and helping us realise periods aren't such a taboo after all.”

Maryrose, who developed the business idea in the Innovation Academy at UCD, went on to be crowned the County Laois winner in the IBYE competition this year.

If you fancy getting signed up, packages start from €9.99, including postage within Ireland, and there are also loyalty plans on prepay.


You can catch up with MyLadyBug on Facebook here or on Twitter here.