Revealing The Secret: How To Give Your Man The Best Orgasm Of His Life 7 years ago

Revealing The Secret: How To Give Your Man The Best Orgasm Of His Life

When it comes to orgasms, men and women tend to experience them in very, very, very different ways. While you may scream the house down, his may not seem as intense.

However, just because he doesn’t voice his pleasure in the same way that doesn’t mean that he’s not capable of experiencing the same kind of mind-blowing, toe-curling, downright chilling orgasms that you do.


We’ll be honest and say that the vast majority of men out there work hard to please us in the bedroom. If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship or some kind of sexual arrangement with one of these men, then how about returning the favour via an earth-shattering orgasm?

Now, we know that just like every woman, every man is different (especially in the sexual needs department!) but here are some tips to up the temperature in the bedroom and to help him have the best orgasm of his life.

Who knows? If you get it right, he could even return the favour. Ooh-err!

Forget watching telly, hit the hay with your man and blow his mind

Notice the warning signs: Part of giving him an amazing orgasm is recognising when he’s about to hit the big O. When you’re in bed with your partner, pay attention to his tell-tale signs. Does he start twitching? Does hi breathing increase? Does he bury his head in your neck? Once you can tell when he’s on the fast-track to O-town you’ll be able to increase his pleasure tenfold.

Grab His Backside: Yes, believe it or not, grabbing his butt just before he hits the point of no return actually helps him to have a stronger, longer orgasm. It’s also a massive turn-on from him. While it may not mean much to you, to him it shows just how much you want him so don’t be shy, grab a handful!


Focus On His Chest: The chest is one of the most sensitive areas on a man’s body and by kissing it during sex you can actually improve his orgasm. Sex experts recommend finding out if your guy has sensitive nipples. If he does, then try running your tongue over them during sex. It sounds unusual but doing this can heighten the sensation for him and can even cause him to have a full-body orgasm.

If his nipples aren’t sensitive stick with kissing his chest and his neck, this can have the exact same effect on him as he nears orgasm.

Throw in a Little Dirty Talk: Men are mostly visual creatures, meaning that they tend to be stimulated by what they can see. If this is the case, imagine how he might feel if you stimulate him by saying a few dirty phrases during sex. Now we’re not talking about going all phone-sex-hotline on him, but simply tell him that you want him to have an orgasm. Let him know that you enjoy sex even more when you know he’s having a good time. By telling him this, you’re pretty much letting him know that he can just let go and enjoy himself. Try it and see if it makes a difference to the strength of your man’s orgasm.

Make it Last: Like with women, the longer it takes for your man to have an orgasm, the better it will feel when he finally has one. Unless it takes him too long (in which case he’s likely to just feel tired and uncomfortable). Try to find a happy medium here. Take him to the brink and then tease him a little to extend the pleasurable feeling and make his orgasm even better.