Senator David Norris Reveals He Is Seriously Ill With Cancer 7 years ago

Senator David Norris Reveals He Is Seriously Ill With Cancer

Senator David Norris revealed in a statement this morning, June 26th, that he is seriously ill with cancer.

In the statement released to the press, Norris revealed that he is undergoing treatment currently.


Norris wrote: "I am currently undergoing medical management for a serious cancer condition."

He continued that he was very grateful for the treatment he had received from St. Vincent's Private Hospital.

"I am extremely grateful for the superb treatment I have received from the team of consultants at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital as well as the nursing and general hospital staff."

Senator Norris commented on the illness saying: "The cancer appears to be related to the initial incidence of viral hepatitis which I contracted from tainted drinking water while I was on unpaid Government business in Eastern Europe in 1994."

The senator went on to state that he had no problem making this information public: "I have no difficulty in making this information public in response to press queries because I believe that there should be no stigma attaching to cancer as a disease."

Senator Norris also stated that he continued to "enjoy life" and was looking forward to returning to his duties in the Seanad.