Seven Things All Pale Girls Will Understand 4 years ago

Seven Things All Pale Girls Will Understand

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"No, I'm not sick. That's just the colour of my face."

Living with beautiful porcelain skin is not without its struggles. Sunny days and flash photography are just two of the great forces that you'll battle with for the rest of your life.

To celebrate our fantastic €500 Tantastic giveaway, here are seven things all pale girls will understand.


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1. This is what you look like on the beach


No, not her. The girl lying behind her.

2. Fading into white walls at parties...

Is a real and serious issue that you struggle with.


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3. When you get a tan...

Or wear self-tan, the people around you just tell you that you look healthy.

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4. Wearing white is an absolute no-no

As more than one person has told you, when you opt for a white outfit, you may as well be in your birthday suit.

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5. You’ve been known to melt or turn into a lobster after being out in the sun too long…

On more than one occasion.

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6. Before leaving the house you tan the parts of your body that can only be seen with your clothes on…

Which makes you feel a million dollars.

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7. You know that neither ivory nor alabaster foundations...

Will ever be white enough for your pale skin.

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