Sex O' Clock - Counting Down Our Biggest Sex Stories Of The Year 6 years ago

Sex O' Clock - Counting Down Our Biggest Sex Stories Of The Year

Let's talk about sex...

The topic that unites us all, and doesn't speak any language - sex was one of our biggest searched subjects this year.


And it's no surprise - the topic is no longer under covers, people are talking, asking and exploring.

We've rounded up our top 1o sex stories of the year.

10. The Big O

People were pretty shocked to learn that one of the best ways to achieve the elusive female orgasm involves anal sex.

A whopping 94 per cent of women interviewed who had recently partook in the act reported successful orgasms.

It's all about thinking outside the box.



9. STI-detecting condoms

This invention rocked the bed in a major way.

A very smart and sexual health-aware group of teenagers invented a condom that "glows" when it detects an STI.

The condom, which the team from Isaac Newton Academy in Ilford, Essex have named S.T.EYE, was one of the designs presented at the TeenTech Awards, a competition for 11 to 16-year-old kids tasked with using technology “to make life better, simpler or easier.”


8. Self-care

The news that masturbation is very good for you proved popular.

As well as helping reduce insomnia through hormonal and tension release, your fingers could quite literally have the magic touch when it comes to preventing diabetes and cervical infections.

You don't need to tell us twice.


7. Spoon your way to success

A study showed that if you want to create the ultimate in loving and caring partnerships, you better start working on your spooning techniques.

A study from the University of Toronto Mississauga showed that women who had more than 15 minutes of snuggling after sex felt significantly more appreciated and cared for by their partner.

Good to know.



6. People were curious about blow jobs

We put the spotlight on giving head and answered six of the most commonly asked questions.

It included how it got the name, and how eating pineapple can make things a lot more pleasurable.

5. An unfortunate disposal 

One eager beaver from Cork bought themselves a brand new toy but did NOT think things through when it came to disposing the packaging.


Sex Toy

4. Good news in the doctor's surgery

We took a look at the most bed-able professions. Looks like it was a good year for those in the medical profession.

Teachers also came out on top, and firefighters didn't feature at all.

3. People were absolutely buzzing about these bargain vibrators

A vibrator, going for the princely price of €1.49 in Dealz, pushed all the right buttons with our readers.

They're still available if they tickle your fancy.


2. The anti-climax

As it turned out, people weren't really all that into blow jobs after all.

We broke down eleven reasons that they shouldn't be thing, and it turns out many, many people agreed.

(Except for our JOE bros who were HIGHLY opposed to the motion.)

And our top sexy story of the year was...

  1. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Vaginas

Chances are you've heard of more than one nickname for the vagina. You might even have a selection of favourites you use in rotation. In "amazing things we learned this year" though, discovered that the origins of the word vagina are better than anything we could ever come up with in jest.

This infographic demonstrated ten things we definitely didn't know about our bits.