A shop in the UK has banned cheesy Christmas music for the sake of their staff 7 months ago

A shop in the UK has banned cheesy Christmas music for the sake of their staff


Or at least, it is - but without the cheesy Christmas songs.

The festive season is about more than just the music, that we know. We also know that for all the delight and wholesomeness, such music can also be incredibly annoying.

Especially when you're listening to it for eight hours on repeat.

Such is the bane of the retail worker's existence each time October turns to November, the cheap fairy lights are unrolled, and Mariah Carey is played over the shop speaker at least 27,000 times per day.

One shop, however, has decided to ban the cheesy festive tracks altogether, in order to give their hard working staff the chance to actually enjoy Christmas this year.

How very kind of them.

The York Gin shop in the UK have said that they won't be playing any Christmas music that was recorded after the 1960s, as it does not fit in with the traditional vibe of their store.

"We do love Christmas, but we want our gin shop to be a cheese-free zone," store director Emma Godivala told York Press.

“We’ve tested lots of songs to see which sound OK and which sound weird. And there’s a cut-off in the 1960s. Anything after that has been banned.

“Our lovely team are happy with the decision – they say lots of other shop staff are already going stir crazy with the same Christmas hits being played on a loop."

Shop manager Sandie Tanner-Smith echoed her sentiment, stating that the company didn't want their staff to be driven mad by the festive tunes.

“We’re confident we’ll have the happiest staff and customers around – our playlist is big enough to make sure no-one hears the same Christmas song more than twice in a week," she said.

Godivala did say, however, that if 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' is to come on in the shop once or twice, she'd be OK with it.

Fair enough.