Simon Cowell Will Do Anything To Help Tamera Foster Win X Factor 5 years ago

Simon Cowell Will Do Anything To Help Tamera Foster Win X Factor

Simon Cowell has made no secret of who his favourite is in the UK's X Factor. The media mogul hopes to see Tamera Foster take the crown and he's doing all that he can to help her. 

In recent weeks Tamera hasn't performed well on the crucially important Saturday night live shows, and for the third time last week the 16-year-old forgot her lyrics on stage.

After receiving one or two harsh comments from the judges and a backlash from viewers outraged at the departure of vocal powerhouse, Hannah Barrett, Tamera is making sure she remembers every single word for tonight's performance.

Cowell has called in the expertise of a hypnotherapist to help the young singer overcome her nerves.

In an interview with The Sun Tamera admitted that she was finding it difficult.

"Last week was really difficult, so I've been seeing a hypnotherapist to get me in the right frame of mind."


The Sun also reports that Cowell is concerned that another dodgy performance may see her in the bottom two.

A source told the paper: "He wants Tamera Foster to win. He has publicly said she is a star and he genuinely thinks she could be massive internationally like Leona Lewis, but she isn't connecting with the public.

"She's already been in the bottom two and Simon is frantic she improves her position."

There really is no denying that Tamera is a extremely talented and will be a star, however we might be with Mrs. O on this one, this doesn't just seem like her time.