'Sisu' is the Finnish form of self-care, and it couldn't be more wonderful 1 year ago

'Sisu' is the Finnish form of self-care, and it couldn't be more wonderful

Life changing stuff.

Honestly, the Scandinavian people sure do know how to live.


Last year, we learned of Hygge, the wonderful Scandi trend that was basically an excuse to wear pyjamas all day.

Coziness was the key to Hygge, but with this heatwave - we need something different.

The latest Scandinavian lifestyle trend is sisu, which is basically all about living your best life.


It is a unique form of "resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity".

But, according to Katja Pantzar, the Helsinki-based author of The Finnish Way: Finding Courage, Wellness, and Happiness Through the Power of Sisu, everybody who develops sisu defines it a little differently.

Katja spoke with the lovely people at HelloGiggles about the concept.


“I view it as a mental and physical muscle that I exercise, particularly when I’m faced with a challenge."

“For example, heading out for a winter swim in the sea in the morning when I would much prefer to pull the covers over my head.


"I tap into sisu, this special fortitude, and do something that I know may be tough (getting into the icy water), but will ultimately make me feel so much better mentally and physically.”

So yeah, basically, all those things you don't do, but really should.


Sisu, baby.