Six Great Reasons To Pursue A Postgraduate Diploma 6 years ago

Six Great Reasons To Pursue A Postgraduate Diploma

Standing out from the crowd in a competitive graduate employment job market can be tough. Employers are increasingly looking for candidates with relevant work experience, along with the basic qualifications and practical skills required to do the job. 

That leaves graduates in a catch 22 situation in which it's tricky to get a role without experience, but at the same time impossible to get the experience without the job.


Taking the leap into postgraduate studies is a major decision - but acquiring the practical skills and work experience that come with pursuing a postgraduate programme might be the answer to getting that dream job in the specialist industry of your choice.

We've teamed up with the Fitzwilliam Institute Group to bring you six great reasons to pursue a postgraduate diploma. Take a look below.

1. Increase your chances of securing a full-time dream job

Got your sights set on a job further up the career ladder, but not sure you've got what it takes to get there just yet? Employers are now looking for people who have practical and transferable skills in communication, critical thinking, problem solving, along with specialist knowledge pertaining to their industry. They're looking for people who are adaptable, motivated, and enthusiastic. A postgraduate diploma with arranged work experience is a great way to develop all of these skills and give your career the boost it needs.

2.Get the real-world work experience you need

Getting work experience is vital step towards gaining a role within your desired industry. It will boost your CV and make you a stronger contender for any job, enabling you to apply for positions which require 'experienced' applicants. A postgraduate diploma with arranged work experience will allow you to walk into better and higher-paying jobs.



3. Enhance your abilities and prepare yourself for success

Employers value the practical, industry-relevant, subject-specific knowledge and experience gained through postgraduate studies. As a result of the skills, work experience and qualification gained, you're more likely to secure a job you'll love and attract a higher salary.

4. Become a specialist in your area

By their very nature, undergraduate degrees are generalised. If a particular module or subject area caught your eye during your first degree, take the opportunity to become an expert in this topic. Getting a postgraduate qualification increases your depth of knowledge and expertise in the field of your choice. This means that when you go out into the world of work, you'll be prepared to take on a more challenging and stimulating role.



5. Acquire transferable skills

The combination of taught modules, projects and assignments and hands-on experience during your postgraduate course will improve your organisational skills, time management and ability to meet deadlines. You will also develop transferable skills in communication, project management, independent and critical thinking, problem solving and IT.  Leading on a large-scale project during a postgraduate diploma will also give you something concrete to talk about in a future interview, especially if you have limited work experience in the field you're looking to crack.


6. Networking opportunities


As well as adding a new qualification to your CV, you'll also make some valuable personal and professional contacts along the way. During your postgraduate course you will learn from industry experts and connect with the best and brightest professionals in your chosen area.  And chances are you're going to be studying with like-minded people who share your ambition and will push you to do better.


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