Six things people will ask you when you go vegan 4 years ago

Six things people will ask you when you go vegan

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I became a vegan to get a reaction from people.


OK, I definitely didn't - but honestly if I had, it would have been a success.

I set myself the challenge of following a strict plant-based diet for seven days to see just how doable it would be.

A lifelong cheese-enjoyer and doner kebab advocate, I definitely didn't do it to save the animals.

Rather, veganism is increasingly being touted as one of the answers to the climate crisis so I wanted to see whether I could stick to it and not go mad.


Here are the most common questions and comments I heard from colleagues, friends and family during the week.


'How's the vegan?'

Like "how's the patient?" when you're sick, except with more concern.



'Are you starving?'

The answer was usually no. Oreos are vegan, so I was grand.



'I won't tell anyone.'

My housemate Jen was supportive but also low-key trying to sabotage my efforts.


'Do you feel any different?'

Apart from feeling mortified when I had to ask at a deli whether they had anything vegan? Not really.



'You can't have that.'

Piss off.


'But why are you doing it?'

As I mentioned above, there's a big argument for plant-based diets for the sake of the planet.

Animal agriculture uses huge amounts of energy, as does the processing of meat - according to PETA, it takes 11 times as much fossil fuel to produce a calorie of animal protein as it does to produce a calorie of grain protein.

Livestock themselves also contribute to climate change by producing large amounts of greenhouse gases like methane.

Though changing the way we farm may seem extreme, it's an idea that's gaining traction.

A wide-ranging report published this January found that the current human diet is causing "catastrophic damage" to the planet.

Following the report's recommendations would mean a 90 per cent reduction in the amount of red meat and milk and a 70 per cent reduction in chicken we consume.

So, yeah. That's why.

I'll share how I got on in a future instalment.


conscious bits

During May, Her will be doing some more #ConsciousBits.

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Change is daunting and we're not perfect, but we can always try to do our bit. Our conscious bit. 

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