Sixty Per Cent Of Irish People Don't Know THIS About STIs 7 years ago

Sixty Per Cent Of Irish People Don't Know THIS About STIs

A survey conducted by Irish sexual health startup LetsGetChecked has gleaned some pretty worrying results. 

According to the study, almost sixty per cent of Irish people are unaware that eighty per cent of STIs are symptom-less.


The research also found that Chlamydia, which is often symptom-free, is the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection in the country, with 6,707 cases reported in 2014, representing 68% of all reported STIs in Ireland.


Commenting on the research, Peter Foley, CEO of LetsGetChecked said: "The most worrying outcome from this research is that while 90% of Irish people say they have never had an STI, only 30% have actually had a sexual health check-up.

"With a large proportion of STIs displaying little to no symptoms, people cannot afford to be presumptive when it comes to their sexual health.


"By providing access to fast, accurate and anonymous healthcare testing, LetsGetChecked is opening up opportunities for Irish people to become more proactive about their sexual heath."

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