So Over It - 18 Signs You've Moved On From The Ex 9 years ago

So Over It - 18 Signs You've Moved On From The Ex

They say getting over that someone (feel free to use expletives here if he really broke your heart), takes approximately half of the duration of the time you spent together.

Don’t panic ladies; it’s only a theory.  No one really knows how long it takes to get over an ex, but your Mother was right, time is a great healer (even though hearing that really doesn’t help at the time).


Here are the 18 signs that you are most definitely over your Ex.

1. You’ve finally deleted that one last remaining photograph of him on your phone.

2. You have stopped checking when he was last active on Facebook, secretly following him on Twitter, and as for his Instagram pictures... #OverIt



3. The threesomes between yourself, Ben & Jerry have finally come to an end. And instead you’re checking out Gym... he has you feeling great.

4. You have stopped reading his horoscope. What sign is he again?

5. You stop referring to items in your wardrobe as “his favourite” or “the last time I wore this.”

6. You’ve heard through the grapevine that he is seeing that girl you always knew he fancied, and you couldn’t care any less.


7. You don’t want to text him on his birthday, in fact you forget what day his birthday even is.

8. You’ve stopped the ritual of reading through his text messages in bed at night, and instead you’re reading Jane Austen's classic, Pride and Prejudice.

9. You stop passing his house to see if the light in his bedroom is on and if his car is in his driveway, or worse, an unfamiliar car is in his driveway.


10. You stop feeling the need to post pictures of yourself online where you're “loving life,” you actually are loving life which is why you’re not on the internet 24/7.

11. It has been a while since you “definitely seen him on the street.” There was a stage where no street was safe to walk down he was everywhere.

12. You’re emotionally stable enough to watch The Notebook again.

13. You decide his surname really doesn’t suit you.


14. You’ve taken the compilation of break up songs that you burnt on to a CD out of your car.

15. Finally you reveal your relationship status on Facebook. SINGLE.

16. You stop feeling the need to tell EVERY new potential suitor that you’re only newly single and when asked if you have a fella simply reply, “no” and not “I did but I finished it because...”

17. “Your song” is just the name of Elton John track that Ellie Goulding once covered, and nothing else... nothing else.

18. You forget he even existed... We’re kidding unfortunately Eternal Sunshine of the Spotlight Mind is just a film, anyway that Kelly Clarkson song goes, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger...”

Please note: For those of you who still do one (or a few more) of the above from time-to-time, it is no harm, but just know you definitely won’t be doing it when you find your own Noah from the Notebook.