So this is how many days on average you spend having sex in your lifetime 6 years ago

So this is how many days on average you spend having sex in your lifetime

This is really interesting.

A recent global study by Reebok and consultancy Censuswide has evaluated nine countries around the world, involving over 9,000 respondents, about how we spend our lives.


The average number of days in a lifetime is 25,915.

We spend just 0.69% of our lifetime (180 days) exercising, which seems a little low, especially considering everyone on Instagram seems to be posting #fitfam and gym selfies 24/7.

What about technology? Whether it be scrolling on our phones on the bus, or using computers in work or college, the amount of time we spend engaged with technology is a staggering 41% of our days, or 10,625 days of our lives.

The study incorporated data from the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Russia, Korea and Spain.


We spend 29% of our lives sitting down, 1,769 days socialising with people we love, and only .45% of our lifetimes are spent having sex.

That's just 117 days out of over 25,000.

There were also some interesting statistics that varied from country to country.

  • Mexicans are most proud of their bodies, with 38.6 percent proud of how all of their body looks
  • Americans challenge themselves to do something physical tough the most, on average 9.84 times per month
  • Mexicans average the longest before breaking a New Year's Resolution at 3.6 months
  • Mexicans laugh on average more times a day than anyone else at 24 times a day, 621,960 times over the course of 25,915 days
  • Russians dance more than anyone, averaging 15 times per month
  • Brits daydream more than any other nation, averaging 49 times per month
  • Americans spend the most on fitness at $16.05 per week (or €14.23)
  • Americans are also the most adventurous, trying something new on average 7 times per month
  • Mexicans push themselves to their limits most often during a workout, on average 29.2 percent of the time
  • Russians sleep the most, on average 7 hours 5 minutes per night

Lesson: get off the phone and get the ride,