This social media star farted in public and it's both embarrassing and hilarious 3 years ago

This social media star farted in public and it's both embarrassing and hilarious

We’d actually die.

Can you imagine anything more mortifying than farting in public, and in front of a COLLEAGUE no less?


Not a silent fart or a little toot that no one heard. We’re talking a big, loud, undeniable fart, right as someone in your office walks by!

Well, Girls with Goals guest Claire Balding can relate, and in true Claire fashion... she not only relates, she regales.

Farting in public is one of the many fascinating topics we discuss on Girls with Goals this week with guests Claire Fullam, a.k.a. Claire Balding, and Cassie Stokes.

Farting, buying tampons, working in an Irish pub, and whether or not Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s engagement is the real deal... we've got it all.

Listen in at 15.04 below for the HILARIOUS tale:


Claire told us about her morto experience in work when, in the midst of a sneezing fit, she accidentally let out a very sizeable fart. If fate wasn't cruel enough, she was then thwarted in her recovery attempts.


"I, on-the-spot said ‘pretend to be on your phone. Get your phone out.’ So I did. I whipped the yolk that was in my hand up to my ear and started talking… to my f**king PURSE.'

I mean, obviously we find it hilarious. Because it is... we'd like to thank Claire for realising this and sharing her wonderful story with the world.


Maybe the only way you can get over a truly traumatic experience like this is to tell as many people as possible so they can all laugh with - we’re refusing to say at - you.


Claire knows all about getting through difficult experiences by sharing them with the world. Her popularity on social media soared after she shared her struggles with alopecia areata in a Facebook post.

Claire’s hair started falling out almost exactly two years ago. On the podcast, she talks to us about how she felt watching actual pieces of her coming off.

'We look in the mirror for reassurance. We look in the mirror to make sure our mascara is okay or our bum doesn’t look big or that we look young or whatever. We check ourselves and we look for reassurance. But when you look at yourself and very quickly you’re disappearing in front of your eyes, very quickly everything starts to change about your face and you get sadder and sadder and sadder.'



Despite such a harrowing ordeal,  Claire’s social media is anything but sad. She uses her sense of humour to connect with people and found an online community of supporters that, in her own words, saved her thousands of euro on therapy.

Claire's hair has grown back now and she continues to support people struggling with all forms of hair loss by speaking out on it making jokes about it, and getting to the root (excuse the pun) of the issue!

Fair play Claire... we think you're gas!