There's a Bali bamboo Airbnb on the side of a volcano and yeah, we'll be staying here, cheers 2 years ago

There's a Bali bamboo Airbnb on the side of a volcano and yeah, we'll be staying here, cheers

And it's eco-friendly too.

Look lads, we know, everyone wants to go to Bali.


It's stunning, it's cheap, it's the place you're most likely going to Find Yourself in 2019 so you may as well head on there, get a few stunning Instagrams and come back a changed woman.

And while Bali has undeniably got a plethora of stunning gaffs for us all to stay in when we inevitably take an inordinate amount of AL to go and visit, let's just take a second to appreciate one dwelling in particular.

This one below. Unreal, right?


The Bali Hideout is a bamboo home situated in mountains of the Gunung Agung volcano.

It's far from bustling city life giving visitors a chance to chill out, relax, and soak in some of the stunning nearby nature that wouldn't generally be readily available when you're staying in a 5 star resort with mojitos on tap.

The bungalow has got one bedroom with two beds meaning that you and three of your mates could shack up there for a few days taking advantage of the king size bed, the mattress on the floor or, indeed, the hammock.

Honestly, the dream.


The hideout is entirely eco-friendly as it's made out of bamboo and pretty much removed from twenty-first century existence as we know it.

There is internet but the owners have warned that the signal is pretty poor so guests should be prepared for an "off the grid experience."

Just what we all need in this social media driven world, wha?


According to Travel Weekly, more and more people have been looking to book eco-friendly Airbnbs over the past while.

Over the past year, bookings for environmentally conscious spaces have increased by over 50 percent, with the amount of eco-friendly listings also rising by 30 percent.

The Hideout is clearly reaping the benefits of this interest too, because it's legit booked out until the end of this year.

And in fairness, it's only €145 per night, so you can imagine why.


You can find out more about the Bali Hideout here.