Summer is on the way and these are the little things we just can't wait for 11 months ago

Summer is on the way and these are the little things we just can't wait for

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Sun's out, literally every body part out.

Sure that's what summer in Ireland means, right? A chance to wear every skirt, pair of shorts, crop-top, bikini, and pair of sandals that we own every time there's a hint of sun.

No one enjoys sun more than the Irish do. Sure we get so little of it that we HAVE to enjoy it. There are some small pleasures in particular that we really look forward to. So we decided to make a little list of them. We bet you can relate.

1. Sitting on grass and not getting mud all over you

Grass in Ireland seems to be constantly wet. Even if you don't remember it raining in the past few days, you're usually still in danger of getting your pants entirely destroyed with hidden wet muck after sitting on what you thought was dry grass. This generally happens on a day when you've decided to wear your fab new summer outfit too early in the season and end up getting it destroyed because you sat down for five seconds. Wonderful.

Thankfully, summer often gives us a little break from this danger, at least for a while. So while it may sound pretty basic and very boring, we're actually very excited to sit on grass. Laugh if you must.

2. Getting those toes out

Those poor things have been cooped up all winter, seeing no daylight at all, with many of us even resorting to wearing socks to bed. The result, of course, being that our feet are a delightful shade of snow. There's nothing worse than walking around with tanned legs and feet that look like they've been cut off from your blood circulation. So dust off those sandals to allow your little trotters to breathe and get a bit of sun themselves.

If you're a sufferer of cracked heels and tend to shy away from open-heeled shoes, it's time to change that. Anyone can get cracked heels and all they require is a little bit of love and care to get back to normal. Get yourself a heel balm to treat that cracked skin.

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3. Braving swimming

The water in Ireland NEVER gets warm. Never. It doesn't even get close to warm, not even on the hottest days of the summer. So going for a swim is never exactly a pleasant experience – it's more of a challenge – but it is fun. Summer really isn't complete without at least one instance of you running into the water screaming and running out about as quickly.

And just a note to all the splashers out there – you are the worst.

4. Eating ice-cream without going blue

We eat ice-cream all year round. Let there be no mistake. We're happy to take a trip to Teddy's or munch on a sorbet even in the depths of winter, brain freeze be damned.

However, there is definitely something to be said about eating ice-cream without constantly shivering or being wrapped in a thick blanket. That is a far nicer way to experience this delicious food. A perfect excuse to eat more of it, really.

5. That grand old stretch in the evening

Look, there's a reason we're so obsessed with it. Nothing says summer quite like sitting outside with a drink, still in shorts, at nine o'clock and the sun isn't even setting yet. They're the moments that you remember when summer is over, and look forward to when it's beginning. Paradise is those still-bright hours between 8pm and 10pm when you have to shockingly exclaim every ten minutes that you "can't believe it's STILL not dark yet!"

Ah. Good times. And they're just around the corner.

We can't wait!

Brought to you by Flexitol.