Survey Reveals The Top Ten Emojis Used For Flirting 6 years ago

Survey Reveals The Top Ten Emojis Used For Flirting


Texting/ tweeting/ facebooking/ instagramming wouldn't be half as much fun without them and it seems some are a lot more popular than others, particularly when it comes to flirting.


UK based-company Dr Ed decided to do a little research to find out which emojis are most used by people on Twitter when getting loved up.

Below are the top ten results from Europe.

  1. Heart eyes emoji
  2. Kiss face emoji
  3. Kiss
  4. Cat with heart eyes
  5. Tongue sticking out
  6. Man and woman smiling
  7. Man and woman kissing
  8. Lips
  9. Half-peeled banana
  10. Aubergine



The heart eyes emoji, one we're particularly partial to landed at number one, with 380,000 mentions on Twitter from August to September 2015.

The company also published a list of the top ten emojis used for flirting in the US and the results can be viewed below.


Oh and just in case you've ever wondered, here are some of the most popular emoji combinations used when flirting.