Survey Reveals The Very Practical Reason Women DON'T Want Lingerie For Valentine's Day 7 years ago

Survey Reveals The Very Practical Reason Women DON'T Want Lingerie For Valentine's Day

This is absolutely true.

We understand that Valentine's Day instills a deep fear in men, as the pressure for them to "get it right" mounts.


The female species can be notoriously hard to buy for, but V-day makes the territory even more treacherous, with the emphasis on romance and love, the present takes on a whole new (terrifying) meaning.

In order to crack the code, retail experts at, interviewed 500 Irish consumers about their most dreaded and disappointing Valentine's Day gifts.

While we weren't surprised that a vaccuum made the list (remember the love/present ratio from above), we were quite taken aback to learn that 15 per cent of buyers said lingerie was the most disappointing gift they could receive.

However, after reading the practical explanation, we couldn't agree more. The reason? Women would rather "choose their own underwear".


One respondent commented: “My boyfriend never gets it right when he buys underwear. It’s always the wrong shade and he clearly buys it from somewhere cheap.

"I tell him every year that if he manages to improve the quality of the underwear, the quality of his Valentine’s Day present will also improve.”

We couldn't agree more - when it comes to size (ALWAYS a size up with those damn elasticated waists), colour and shape. Men THINK they know what works, but they just don't.

Leave it to the pros.


See the rest of the results below.

The top ten most disappointing Valentines gifts to receive:

  1. Cheap underwear 15%
  2. Cheap flowers   12%
  3. Home Electricals 11%
  4. Novelty Gifts 10%
  5. Fitness equipment 9%
  6. Chocolates 8%
  7. Perfume 8%
  8. Scented candles 7%
  9. Cheap Jewelry 7%
  10. Books 6%
  11. Other 7%