9 things most Irish folk are simply not prepared for with the constant sunshine 4 years ago

9 things most Irish folk are simply not prepared for with the constant sunshine

It's sunny. It's reasonably warm. And we need to make the most of it.

Yes, following an abnormally long and brutal winter - rays of light have made a reappearance in the sky.


Here are nine things we are totally unprepared for...

1. Just... The Sun

So bright. So blinding. So warm on our skin. So dreadfully unfamiliar. Not. Able.


2. The Sunburn

Sure, we'll be grand. It's not thaaaaat warm. Oh wait - we're sun-burnt. Yup, an innocent walk in those rays can be painful. Don't get caught out!

3. The need for a cider

You never really drink it normally on your nights out but all of a sudden beer gardens and Bulmers sound like heaven.


4. Lack of summer clothes

We spend so long huddled under blankets with 16 layers of clothing on that when the weather does get nice, we panic. Trip to Penneys to buy its entire section of tea-dresses? Check.

5. Road-trips

Road-trips = good, lack of air conditioning = bad.


6. Work

With memories of asking the teachers if we can we take our lessons outside, it might be worth pulling a sickie if it's warm out. Your boss would surely understand anyway...

7. Pets

This 20C weather is completely alien to them. You'll see dogs flopping around, searching frantically for shade and jumping in random ponds.


8. Children

Can be summed-up as thus: sunscreen, ice-cream, and naps.

9. Your skin

Maybe you've a dark complexion - maybe you're pale. And if it's the latter... well you'll be blinding your mates with the brilliant whiteness of your skin.